Holmeside Writing: Issue 1

Photo credit: Catherine O’Neill ©2021

Welcome to Issue 1 of Holmeside Writing. 

We knew there was so much wonderful writing taking place in the group and too much of it was never seeing the light of day, so we called on members of Holmeside Writers for pieces based on new beginnings. 

Issue 1 brings you writing by five members of the group from sinister dog walks; to contested house moves; a romantic encounter on a train; a rebellious social media post, and hitchhikers that heal. Included are biographies allowing you to delve deeper into the writing lives of Holmeside Writers. 

The need for new beginnings seems very apt at the start of 2022 and so we proudly present five pieces of writing from Holmeside Writers. 

Happy New Year and happy reading. 

Catherine O’Neill & Ray Hopkins

Editors of Holmeside Writing

‘The First Dog Walker’ – David Turton

The First Dog Walker – David Turton
Photo by Andre Taissin on Unsplash

‘A Moving Tale’ – Julie Wilson

A Moving Tale – Julie Wilson
Photo by Ray Hopkins ©2021

‘Fleeting Moment’ – Quentin Cope

Fleeting Moment – Quentin Cope
Photo by Ray Hopkins ©2021

‘Hitchhiker’ – Lisa Burns

Hitchhiker – Lisa Burns
Photo by Atlas Green on Unsplash

‘The Last Post’ – Alan Parkinson

The Last Post – Alan Parkinson
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash